Network-based protection for edge IoT devices

Network-based security for any IoT verticalCompanies developing IoT connected devices encounters main security and privacy barriers that can significantly slow down their entry to market or affect their reliability, preventing IoT from fulfilling its true potential. IoT devices are usually designed with minimal computing system that increase their vulnerability. AT&T’s Cybersecurity Insights Report found that 85% of enterprises are in the process of or intend to deploy IoT devices. Only 10% of the manufacturers feel confident that they can secure their devices against hackers. Since devices are commonly designed and deployed for, at least, a decade. Companies have to be able to control and scale security levels during all device life cycle with no physical intervention.

JpU HyperCore Platform not only enables the protection of the largest scale of breakable points at the network level, but also enables the customization and scaling security configurations for each device. No less important, the security layers are embedded in the solution and delivered for free to customers, as JpU consider it as a high added value. This feature allow enterprise to accelerate their solution Time to market, to gain in reliability by assuring and  scaling security during all the device life cycle and eliminating devices recalls due to security breakage