JpU enables enterprise customers to leverage an API-Driven solution with complete integration between smart devices, applications and the mobile network for diverse market verticals.

See how JpU HyperCore platform can support your business

Simple mobile network management using accessible IT interfaces

Unleash the Power of Your Digital Solutions.

With the JpU HypeCore platform, Enterprises can automate operational processes, centralize network security capabilities, combine central management with multiple local sites customize deployments.


Operational Efficiency

Automate workflows with network APIs for operational effectiveness and reduce costs


Autonomous Control

Self-Operate IoT network, leverage multiple global connectivity options with e/SIM profiles control


Central Network Security

Secure IoT devices via network centric service to eliminate complexity of device based security

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"Enterprises tend to focus on reducing telecom bills which comprises 33% of mobility TCO, but must also consider the larger assets and services management costs( which represent nearly 50% of mobility Total Cost of Ownership."


Scalable Infrastructure.

JpU HyperCore enables you to scale up your infrastructure to meet new and evovling business needs without investment in costly and time consuming development effort


Dedicated IoT Core​

Isolate IOT devices and traffic from regular mobile device activities


Web Scaling Technology

Utilize standard GSM network elements for deployment in any cloud environment and scale​


Narrow-band Support

Support all major narrow band technologies such as 3GPP NB-IoT and LTE cat M1

Global Coverage, Local Networks.

JpU HyperCore enables network operators to ensure compliance with country-specific regulations and ensure service continuation for all types of urban and rural locations including roaming scenarios.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

JpU solutions are focused on technologies that simplify processes, streamline  business functions, automate routine operations, provide fast access to data  and create a more efficient and productive working environment.


No Capital Investment

Full IaaS model with no initial outlay costs, no license fees and no vendor lock-in policies


Low Cost Scalability

Offer on-demand scalability with dedicated cores per organization or geo location


Flexible Business Models

Offer a wide range of pay-per-use business models to generate IOT revenue growth