JpU HyperCore.
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Developers now have access to a robust software suite to build fully customized IoT deployments that can flexibly leverage the mobile network with 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and LTE-M connectivity.

What the API can help you with?


Create real-time firewalls

Create a private network of IoT devices and protect your devices by setting up rules for a real-time IP firewall to dynamically block undesired access and allow only authorized sources.


Set up end-to-end encryption

Create an IP Security VPN tunnel between your IoT devices and your back-office application to ensure end-to-end encryption and eliminate threats and vulnerabilities.


Send secured SMSes

Send SMS to IoT devices in your private network and protect devices from undesired SMS access from the public network.


Highly secure

Mitigates potential security threats at the network level, saving costs and reducing complexity of device security management.

Real-time data

Allows you to get real-time data on device location, billing balances and other usage data analytics.


This API is fully customizable to support any type of IoT usage and to ensure easy integration into any project.