JpU Partnership Program.

Join a network of recognized technology leaders and offer your customers a powerful IoT connectivity and security management platform

Channel Partner

JpU actively seeks to partner with global and local mobile operators, communication service providers  and system integrators  who serve enterprises operating in the IoT markets. Typically, our channel partners resell the JpU HyperCore platform mainly as a service but also as a deployed solution.  

JpU alse seeks to collaborate with Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)companies that provide network infrastructure, related services and run their own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) channel programs.

Technology Partner

Our technology partners can  embed the  JpU HyperCore platform into their own platform and use our APIs to create extended functionality with other applications. JpU typically collaborates with technology partners in  joint commercial projects  developed for service providers who operate in the IoT markets.

JpU partners with technology companies who develop complementary technologies  and need to add IoT connectivity and security management to their portfolio.

Trusted and Reliable Partner.

JpU seeks to create win-win situations based on mutual trust, close collaboration and the development of positive and transparent working relationships. The JpU team consists of dedicated professionals with a deep understanding of the IoT market. We know that our partners are looking for value and a measurable return on investment. That is why JpU solutions are focused on technologies that simplify processes, streamline business functions, automate routine operations, provide fast access to data and create a more efficient and productive working environment.

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO

Partner Benefits.

As a JpU partner we help you to differentiate your business from the competition and expand your offering to create new revenue generation IoT services. 


Adaptive Technology Platform

JpU HyperCore is fully customizable to support any type of IoT use case and easily integrates into any project via a powerful set of API functions


Flexible Business Models

We offer a wide range of business models including platform-as-a-service and revenue sharing based on pay-as-you-grow with minimum upfront investment


Standards Based Connectivity

JpU HyperCore is designed for 3G, 4G, 5G networks and we are committed to support narrow-band LTE-M, NB-IoT


Global and Regional Coverage

The JpU HyperCore platform enables you to achieve both regional and global coverage with support for any future geographical location

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