Our Solution for Enterprise 5g is Simplicity.

JpU’s HyperCore Platform: Empowering Enterprises, Service Providers, Systems Integrators and OEMs Building Enterprise 5G Private Networks

Enterprise 5G as a Service

If you think an enterprise cannot run their own mobile network, think again.

Talk IT!

A solution needs to speak an IT  language that an enterprise  can understand and manage

5G as a Product

Simple to install, simple to  own, simple to support, simple  to sell

Bring Value

Leverage new models like  Neutral Host and public  network mobility

JpU brings together every component enterprises need to build, manage, and scale 5G private networks.

IT Portal Layer & APIs

Mobile Core


eSIM / SIM Cards

Pre-Integrated Radio

Unlicensed/ licensed Spectrum

Simplified, Unified and Intuitive Dashboard Enterprises & Service Providers Love!

Technical Data

Fully Virtualized ready for cloud/edge solution

Mobile Web Services – API and Portal built for  non-telcos’

Business Processes allow built-in or customized  logic to be applied on devices

Mobile Core EPC/5GC and more

  • Integrated HSS/UDM(R) for subscriber management
  • CUPS P-GW/S-GW/SMF/UPF for demanding throughputs
  • SMS-SC/SMSF: High performance SMS service center that includes all the traditional SMS features, with support for NB-IoT standards
  • IMS/TAS: With real-time control of voice, SMS and data.
  • MME/AMF for radio control
  • OTA – adjust SIM cards for Enterprise priorities

Pre-integrated JpU base stations for indoor and  outdoor from a selection of vendors and ready to  ship edge servers

Cross Over Embedded Capability

Reselling Private Network as a Service With Public MNO Fallback

Let’s Engage!